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Search by Image and Identify United States Rare Coins

Can you describe the appearance of the old coin you just found hidden in a garage box? Taking a picture and sharing the information this way is much easier. We understand that identifying a United States rare coin is a challenging task, which is why we’ve created a Search by Image service.

The Search by Image service enables you to photograph your coin, upload the picture on our website and benefit from the experience of our experts. They will identify the coin correctly and help you figure out how much it’s worth.

This service is ideal for people that have just accidentally come across an old coin and for the ones interested in starting a coin selling business.

To increase the convenience of the service even further, we’ve put together an online app. Use the app to photograph a coin with your phone and upload the image directly.

Our Search by Image and coin grading service is available to registered users that have a valid USMacoins account. To get started with coin identification, visit our
Buy Access page and choose the plan that’s best suited to your needs.