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Useful Information and FAQ about Our Coin Grading Service

Interested in finding out more about our services and how to get started with USMacoins? The following section will provide answers to some of the most common questions about United States rare coins and coin grading services.

What is

USMacoins is a website that features tons of information about the values of different numismatic and rare coins. The extensive catalog enables website visitors to identify the coins that they own and find out how much these cost. The guide is also great for people making their first steps in the world of coin buying.

Who can benefit from a coin grading service?

A quality coin grading service is great for just about everyone. You don’t have to be a serious investor, in order to give it a try – we have numerous flexible packages that correspond to individual preferences. The USMacoins US coin price guide is great for first-time buyers, sellers and for people that want to start their own coin selling business.

How can I grade a coin that I found?

If you’ve just come across a numismatic coin, you have two options for figuring out how much it is worth. The first option involves going through our extensive US numismatic coin catalog. When you identify the picture, you can click on the particular entry and get additional information about it.

Alternatively, you may want to take a picture of the coin and upload that picture to USMacoins. Our coin grading experts will give you an idea about numismatic coins values.

Can I sell my coins through your website?

Yes, you can sell your coins through the website. We have a specialized coins auction platform that enables sellers like you to reach motivated and serious buyers. Take a look at the USMacoins auction to familiarize yourself with it and get started with the process.

How much does it cost?

The USMacoins coin grading service is very flexible and convenient. We have developed several packages, enabling our members to choose the possibility that’s just right for them. Go to the Buy Access page to learn more about the different plans. It’s easy to try our services by having an individual coin graded. If you’re serious about investing in gold and silver coins, you may want to opt for the all in one package.

Will my coins be evaluated by professionals?

Yes, when you upload an image of the coin that you’d like to have valuated, the image will be explored by an experienced professional. We’re committed to giving our members accuracy, which is why we’ve worked hard on putting together a reliable service that involves experienced experts in the field.

Why should I choose your coin grading service over other options?

Our coin grading service is very affordable and we guarantee the quality at the same time. You’ll benefit from an extensive catalog that features tons of information about gold and silver numismatic coins. You can also sell your coins or buy valuable ones through the USMacoins auction portal.

Do you need some more information about our US coin price guide? Have we failed answering a particular question? Contact Us today to learn more about the website and our services.