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Identify, Valuate and Sell Your United States Rare Coins

Do you keep old coins in your home? Accidentally opened the bottom drawer to find a few of those just sitting there? How about making some money from the coins that you own? It’s possible that you’ve been keeping a treasure in your home without even realizing.

USMacoins features a reliable coin grading service that can be used to figure out whether you possess United States rare coins. The process is simple and just about anyone can benefit from the opportunity.

The USMacoins Process

Consider the service to be a US coin price guide. Go through the following steps to identify numismatic coins values:

Step 1: take a picture of the coin that you’ve just found.

Step 2: upload the picture to the platform.

Step 3: get information about the coin type and its value.

Alternatively, you may browse through the extensive numismatic coin catalog and go through the available information. We’ve worked hard to put a comprehensive and detailed guide together. To get started, just go to the Coins Value page.

Why Choose Us

USMacoins offers a reliable and affordable online coin price guide. You have several practical options to choose among – take a photo and have the coin assessed online or go through our coin catalog. In addition, you’ll get to sell the newly-discovered treasure through our online auction.

Several access plans are available, corresponding to individual preferences and identification needs. Visit our Buy Access page to acquaint yourself with the possibilities and determine which plan is going to be best for you.

Finally, we have the experience and the stellar reputation that are essential for providing a quality service. We’ve been active in the field of international financial markets and we understand the investment possibilities linked to commemorative and numismatic coins.

Do you have additional questions? Don’t know how to determine which coin grading service is the right one for you? Use the blank on our Contact Us page to get in touch with the USMacoins team and have all of your questions answered.