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United States Rare Coin Valuation and Other Services

Numismatic and rare coins can easily bring you a small (or even a significant) fortune. Very often, however, people have no idea whether the coins that they own are valuable or not.

USMacoins is a numismatic coins portal that can help with the valuation of old, rare or numismatic coins. As a member, you can benefit from several exclusive services like an online coin price guide, a USMacoins photo submission possibility and an online auction.

US Coin Grading by Picture

If you’ve found a coin but you have no idea about its value, you can try our grading by picture service.

The extensive online coin price guide features a vast range of US coins. Just go through the gallery of images until you find a picture that looks like your coin. This service is also great for individuals interested in buying numismatic coins.

Once you identify the coin that you’re interested in, click on the image. You’ll get detailed information about the most important characteristics of each numismatic coin. The catalog also lists updated coin prices and coin grading that will show you how the condition affects the price.

Search Coins by Image

Don’t feel like going through the entire catalog? Want to access information about the particular coin quickly and efficiently? If so, the search coins service is the right option for you.

All that you have to do is upload an image of the US numismatic coin that you have. Our experienced and reputable experts will do the coin identification for you and provide information about the exact coin value. To learn more about this service, please go to the Search by Image page.

Numismatic Coins Auction

Now that you’ve benefited from the coin grading service and you know the exact value, it’s time to consider a sale. USMacoins is dedicated to giving you comprehensive services, which is why we’ve added an online auction to our portfolio.

Just go to the auction page and take a look at the featured listings, the newest additions and the auctions ending soon. The option is great for acquainting yourself with the competition, buying US numismatic coins or selling the ones you own.

You have to create a new registered account, in order to start buying and selling United States rare coins or numismatic coins. Go to the auction registration page to get started.

All of the information about the service plans and the fees is available on the Buy Access page. USMacoins is all about giving members flexibility and convenience. Individual plans range from the ability to identify the value of a single coin to all in one access plans.

Still not sure how to get started? Or maybe you have questions about the US coin price guide we’ve put together? Don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll do our best to reply in a prompt manner.